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"Another year has gone by and CRFS continues to excel in the collection field.  Not only are your recoveries in the high 70% range, an accomplishment that some agencies never reach, but your entire staff is extremely helpful."

- Asics Tiger

Employees Of The Month


Maggie Parrott - May 2020

Maggie Parrott
Collections Supervisor
Employee of the Month - May 2020

We are pleased to announce Maggie Parrott as our May 2020 Employee of the Month.

Maggie has been one of the most consistent revenue generators in our Collection Department since 2009. Her strong client service skills along with her ability to negotiate with debtors makes her an invaluable member of our team.

Maggie had her best revenue month ever in May collecting over 176% of her revenue goal.
She consistently maintains the relationships with our valuable clients to insure we continue to exceed expectations for servicing their delinquent accounts. Congratulations Maggie! Keep up the Great work.

Beth Nicholas – April 2020

Beth Nicholas
Data Entry Specialist
Employee of the Month - April 2020

Beth is an intricate part of the CRF Solutions team, she recently transitioned to working from home even before COVID-19 and she hasn’t skipped a beat. She’s been diligent and consistent with her daily workflow

Beth helps spearhead the Data Entry Department, entering new jobs, and updates to existing jobs as well as doing a bit of verification work for the Notice Department. She is always there to support the team.

Beth has taken on more responsibilities in her 5 years with CRF Solutions, she continues to grow and learn new things.

Beth’s attention to detail is unmatched, she always makes sure the practices and procedures involved in the job verification/notice process, align with our goals to provide concise, timely professional service to our clients.

With everything going on with COVID-19, our clients depend on us more than ever, many needing extra assistance to enter jobs. Beth has been a go-to for our clients, answering any questions they may have.

Sergio Renes - March 2020

Sergio Renes
Systems Administrator, Information Technology Specialist
Employee of the Month - March 2020

The Silent Hero Gets His Day In The Sun

Sergio has now been with CRF Solutions for over 15 years and for a company whose employees and clients rely heavily on our systems and technology, having Sergio as part of our family has been a blessing.

Aside from his depth of knowledge, along with his desire to learn what he doesn’t already know, Sergio’s forward thinking has kept our systems one to two steps ahead of what we have needed as we have grown over the years.

Whether it is upgrading and replacing servers, increasing our network abilities, setting up and administering our phone system, maintaining an extensive back up process, increasing our bandwidth or just dealing with the day to day challenges, when the need arises, he gets it done.

Recently his foresight and abilities paid off for us in a very big way.
As the Covid-19 crisis unfolded last month, we had to get more than 40 of our employees’ setup to work from home. Sergio was able to accomplish this in one weekend and on that Monday we were a fully functional team that had not missed a beat.

Had Sergio not proactively upgraded our systems and network in 2019, this type of transition would not have been possible. In addition, he was able to do this without expressing any of the many frustrations he dealt with to make this happen.

It goes without saying we could not be happier or more proud to have Sergio as part of our CRF Solutions family and look forward to seeing how he will dazzle all of us in the future.
Thank you Sergio for doing what you do and for caring so much for CRF Solutions.

Lacee Smollen- February 2020

Lacee Smollen
Verification Specialist
Employee of the Month - February 2020

During the Month of February Lacee made a huge impact on her team, helping them reach 96% of their goal! All while other teammates were out with illness. She took on the extra workload without hesitation or complaint.

Lacee is upbeat, friendly on the phone and willing to help wherever needed. She constantly represents CRF Solutions with the utmost integrity when engaging with our clients or their customers. Lacee always makes it a point to make every day a better one, here at CRF Solutions.

Thank you and congratulations Lacee, keep up the great work!

Steven Mackenzie- Jan. 2020

Steven Mackenzie
Verification Specialist
Employee of the Month- January 2020

Congratulations to our January Employee of the Month, Steven Mackenzie!
Steven has a consistently positive attitude. He is always ready to jump in to get the job done in an efficient manner.

He energetically focuses on his work and on developing his skills as a verifier. Steven is professionally engaging on the phone with every person he speaks to.

He leads by example and he always encourages others to be their best every day.

Thank you for all your hard work Steven, keep it up!