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"Three things differentiate CRFS from the pack - your outstanding listening skills, a nimble IT department, and exceptional training. This I believe is the core strength of your organization and the primary reason your lien service is so extraordinary."

- Horizon Distibutors, Inc.

Lacee Smollen- February 2020


During the Month of February Lacee made a huge impact on her team, helping them reach 96% of their goal! All while other teammates were out with illness. She took on the extra workload without hesitation or complaint.

Lacee is upbeat, friendly on the phone and willing to help wherever needed. She constantly represents CRF Solutions with the utmost integrity when engaging with our clients or their customers. Lacee always makes it a point to make every day a better one, here at CRF Solutions.

Thank you and congratulations Lacee, keep up the great work!

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